A New Strategy

by bart on June 29, 2013

While I’m on my 1100 km walk from Hope BC to Calgary, my father has been diligently following my route from his home, searching for tips and information on the internet, and sharing them with me by email or text message.

A couple of days ago he found something that inspired me to try something a little different.

Yesterday, while walking through the tiny town (population 621) of Midway BC I stopped at the local grocery store.

I asked for the manager. When he came (a big man with a big beard) I told him about my walk and its purpose, and asked if he had any fruits or vegetables that might be unfit for sale. He said he’d go and see.

A few minutes later he came from the back of the store with a big plastic bag full of radishes, carrots, peaches, red and yellow peppers, a couple of oranges, and even some fresh corn. He said there wasn’t much, but he put together an assortment of things for me.

I was ecstatic, as I didn’t think my strategy would work. I thanked him profusely and went on my way.

For the next several kilometers I was gladly munching on things from my goodie bag. I hadn’t had fresh fruit or vegetables since I left almost two weeks ago, and I felt my body starting to complain. There’s only so much oatmeal, beef jerky, bread rolls, and multivitamins a guy can eat.

I even had enough left to have with my dinner of corn meal and beans, and will have fresh corn on the cob when I get a chance to boil it.

Thank you kind manager of the Midway grocery store, and thank you all who have been spreading the word about my 1100 km walk to raise money for neglected and disadvantaged kids in Canada, and encouraging others to donate to keep me motivated on my journey.

I realize that I can’t do it all alone, and after all, I think that’s the real essence of my IforCommunity Project – to bring people together for a common cause.

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dale July 3, 2013 at 1:58 am

keep up the good cause but be careful of the heat right now make sure you have enough water and be careful if you are sweating a lot keep salt level up to check in tomorrow nite till then take care dale


bart July 4, 2013 at 1:36 am

Thanks Dale. Yesterday was my toughest day physically, but I got through it. Temp was between 35 & 40 C, no wind on the road between the mountains & enough flies to eat a barn full of cows. Fortunately lots of streams to cool of once in a while.


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