I woke up one morning in late December 2012 with an idea and determination that filled my whole head. I couldn’t think of anything else. The idea was to walk 1100 km to raise money for an organization that helps underprivileged and neglected kids find a positive path in life.

At first I didn’t know why I was so determined to do this, but as I gave it more thought, the reasons seemed to come out from the shadows, without any effort from me.

In the spring of 2012 I broke my knee (patella) so severely that the surgeon didn’t think that he would be able to reconstruct it. Lucky for me he did. My walk symbolizes perseverance and overcoming adversity.

For 6 weeks I walked alone, with no support team, no pilot car, and no recreational vehicle (RV) or camper to sleep in at night. I pushed my gear in a jogging stroller, which I customized. Trekking alone symbolized complete accountability for my actions, as well as self-reliance.

But the most important reason for my project has to do with Amanda Todd’s suicide in October 2012 as a result of bullying, and the tragic mass shooting of 28 people in Newtown, CT in December 2012.

I believe that helping neglected and disadvantage kids, the most vulnerable members of our communities, to find a positive path in life will lead to positive long-term improvements in our society.

And so after giving my crazy idea a lot of thought, I launched the iforCommunity Project. The goal is to raise money for the Children’s Aid Foundation, which helps neglected and disadvantaged kids, and whose mission and vision reflects my own.

I call this a Project because even though the main part of it was the 1100 km walk, it included a public relations campaign, a marketing campaign to encourage donations, a corporate fundraising campaign, and social media promotion. You can see the results in the news articles I was featured in here www.iforcommunity.org/media-links/. You can also see short videos from my walk here www.iforcommunity.org/category/1100-km-walk-in-2013/videos/.

How YOU can help now:

Like’ the ‘I for Community’ Project Facebook page, and tell your friends about it.

For donation and sponsorship details, please contact me here.