Bart’s 1100 km Walk – Pt 40 – Crossing the Border from BC to Alberta

by bart on December 22, 2014

40th short video of my 1100 km walk in 2013. This is a monumental moment. On foot, I walk across the border line of British Columbia and Alberta. Not many people have done it walking.

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I haven’t really been playing much of anything this week, as I’ve had midterms, but my last exams are tomorrow. After that my boyfriend and I are gonna collapse and spend the day playing Dungeon Defenders and watching exploitation films.PARTY HARD, YO.

Reply February 26, 2017 at 5:00 pm

Peter Gammons: Steroid denier (head in the sand for 20 years while Roger, Manny, Millar and Big Papi sweated out boli right in front of him). Boston snob and BoSox apologist. Shaming fans for not going to a baseball game? Can I make the following motion? Peter Gammons: Banned from Rays Index for life.


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