Challenging Summits

by bart on July 4, 2013

20130704-152354.jpgIn the last two days I walked 75 km, and pushed my backpack cart up two summits, both over 5000 m – Paulson Summit east of Christina Lake BC, and Nancy Greene Summit south east of Nancy Greene Lake.

As I described in my last blog post, climbing up Paulson Summit was the most physically challenging part of my walk so far. I spent the night just below the summit, and later learned that the area is grizzly territory, but I didn’t hear or see any animals. I guess what I didn’t pay attention to due to the exhaustion didn’t hurt or scare me. Or I was just lucky.

The next day I had Nancy Greene Summit to walk up. I didn’t even want to think of that challenge, so I just walked.

Walking west to Nancy Green Lake and the junction of hwy 3 and 3B was all downhill (about 12 km). I then turned south on 3B and as I walked uphill I couldn’t believe how pleasant it was compared to the prior day. Still challenging though.

I decided to use my phone’s GPS function, which drains the battery quickly, but it was sunny and I could charge my phone on the go with my solar panel. From the junction it was only about 8.5 km and 650 m elevation gain to the summit.

It took me less than two hours, it was relatively free of flies, there was a breeze, the traffic was very light, and the views were spectacular. From the summit it was all pleasantly downhill as I walked toward Rossland.

I set up my tent about 3 km before town at about 6:30pm after walking from about 8:30am, with a stop to make lunch at the summit. At the end of the walking day I was tired, to say the least.

I couldn’t believe that I am capable of such a physical achievement. Although I have to admit that my feet and legs do ache a bit, and my post-surgery knee is complaining slightly. Time fore a bit of a rest in Rossland, I think.

Top photo is of Nancy Greene Lake in the morning.

Bottom photo is of a social group I found while walking down Paulson Summit.

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