Clouds Are Clearing

by bart on June 28, 2013


As I left Osoyoos BC I was treated to a magnificent view from the Anarchist Mountain lookout, which you can see in the photo above. Of course I was caught in a rain shower on the way up, but it was short, and most importantly my shoes and feet stayed dry, so no new blisters.

I continued uphill the whole day, but this time only physically. It seems that the weather gods also read my last post and decided to be nicer to me. I say ‘nicer’ because I spent that night at the summit of Anarchist Mountain (1233m) and it rained throughout the night, but I stuck to my strategy of not caring and staying in my tent until it stopped.

At 9.30am the rain stopped, and I emerged from my tent like a turtle out of his shell. Made coffee and breakfast, and by the time I finished eating my tent was dry. Packed my stuff and headed east on Hwy 3.

On the way I met a great family, Max, Tofauna and their kids and pets in Bridesville, a tiny settlement just west of Rock Creek BC. They gave me water for my jug as I was all out, and a cup of coffee too. Spent over an hour talking with them – they had a lot of interesting stories. I found out that that district has a 4 day work week! This includes work and school. I’m already considering moving.

In the evening I arrived in Rock Creek and treated myself to a steak dinner at the friendly local pub, recommended to me by the woman at the gas station, where I filled my water jug again. Seems like my empty water jug is a social catalyst.

The warmer, drier weather, and talking with people more often (thank you empty water jug) have made me a lot happier. But I had to take the initiative – something I’ll be doing more often.

Upon entering Rock Creek I tried to take a self photo with my smartphone and here is the result, with sunburned face in full concentration.


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