Good Fortune Smiles On Me

by bart on July 5, 2013

20130705-155429.jpgIn the last couple of days I visited Rossland and Trail BC, and over the next couple of days I’ll be walking through the small communities of Montrose, Fruitvale, and Salmo before I take on what will probably be my biggest physical challenge, the Kootenay Summit (over 1700m elevation).

I spent half a day in Rossland eating and recharging from the previous couple of days where I walked 75km and climbed two summits.

I feel prepared for the big one coming up, and decided to take it slow and easy. And the temperature has dropped from the oven-like 40 degrees (C) to a much more manageable high twenties and low thirties.

While making sandwiches and eating in Rossland’s town centre, a couple of people approached me and we talked about my walk and its purpose. They were so happy about what I’m doing that they gave me money for more groceries – how great is that?

Sometimes I’m really amazed how generous people can be. Again, it motivates me to keep on going. Can you believe I’ve walked over 470 km already?

Walking from Rossland to Trail was a bit of a knee cruncher. It was only about 7 km, but it was all down a steep hill. It was the first time I had to put my backpack cart behind me instead of pushing it in front of me. Otherwise the weight of it would have pulled me off my feet and tumbling down the hill.

In Trail I decided to visit the local news office, the Trail Daily News. I went to the front desk and told the woman there about what I’m doing, and asked if it’s newsworthy to them. And it turned out it was! I was interviewed on the spot by one of their reporters and then went outside with the editor where he took a few photos of me. My new media strategy is to drop in unannounced and see what happens.

I was so pleased that I went to the grocery store for more food, then to the outdoor market by the Columbia River to eat and relax.

Next I visited the library and community centre where I shaved in the bathroom, took advantage of the free wifi, and recharged my video camera battery – all while waiting out a thunderstorm outside, and staying dry.

As you can probably see, I feel pretty positive. I hope this feeling lasts as I take on the upcoming summit.

Top photo is of Rossland town centre.

Bottom photo is of the Trail outdoor market by the Columbia River.


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