Luck Is Like the Weather (Part 2)

by bart on July 8, 2013

20130708-103808.jpgI spent my second night in Salmo in the ‘Overnight Rest Area’. It’s the large village park but with picnic tables, fire pits, clean washrooms (with pay showers too, but they weren’t working), and a couple of gazebos. And apparently free. Great if you’re passing through in an RV or with a tent.

I chose to sleep in my hammock in one of the clean gazebos. At night a fierce but brief thunderstorm passed by, and it rained a little early in the morning. I was warm and dry, and all my stuff was too.

The morning is cloudy, but I can see blue sky on the horizon coming my way, which reflects what happened yesterday evening after I wrote Part 1 of this post.

As I was sitting by the village office, charging my batteries as I had lost my solar panel, and finishing my blog post, the woman that I spoke with, right after I noticed that I had lost my solar panel, called out to me from her house across the street.

She said, “hey, I have your solar panel!” I couldn’t believe my ears. I stood there for a moment in disbelief with the grin on my face getting bigger and bigger.

I rushed across the street to her house. Words couldn’t express the happiness I felt.

She told me that she saw a guy pick something up from that spot the other day, and she suspected that it was the solar panel. Since she knew him, she sent him a text message (there is a cell signal in the village, but not outside of it).

She also told me that he’s the kind of guy who wouldn’t return it, so she texted him saying that it’s her gadget. He texted her back the next day and returned it!

Since I didn’t have any money to give her, I gave her and her family a couple of packets of the good beef jerky I made before leaving on my walk. I was speechless with joy.

The previous night I spent a lot of time thinking how fortunate I am to be doing this walk, getting over my loss. I get to see and experience things that most people never will.

Yet when I woke up yesterday morning, the last dream that I remember having is me standing in a library by a bookshelf on my right. When I glanced at it, my solar panel was lying on top of a row of books. I woke up feeling happy, even though at that time I had come to terms with losing it.

With all my stuff (plus an extra cell phone cable) neatly packed, I’m now heading to meet the challenge of the Salmo-Creston (Kootenay) Summit.

Photo is of the Salmo Library and Museum building, with blue sky on the horizon.

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dale July 10, 2013 at 2:34 am

great that you got your solar panel back see there are good people out there after all walk easy and proud as you go on dale


bart July 10, 2013 at 11:35 pm

Thanks Dale! The experience with my solar charger left me speechless (in a very good way). And it’s not often I’m at a loss for words.


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