Maximum Experience, Minimal Spending

by bart on November 14, 2013

One of my goals for the 1100 km walk that I did this summer to raise money for the Children’s Aid Foundation was to complete it at the lowest cost possible.

In fact, all of the money that I raised went directly to the Foundation, and I didn’t use any of it to finance my walk, thanks to the moral and financial support of sponsors and people I met along the way.

The purpose of keeping my costs to a minimum was to show that you don’t need a lot of money to have positive and life changing experiences. All you need is determination, a positive and resourceful attitude, and the support of some good people, which often show up in our lives unexpectedly.

One such good person that showed up unexpectedly in my life is Andrzej (Andrew) Kunkel, owner of Polonia Sausage House, a deli store in Vancouver BC (2434 E Hastings St) where he produces fresh deli meats on site.

Andrew Kunkel of Polonia Sausage House at 2434 E Hastings St., Vancouver BC

Andrew Kunkel of Polonia Sausage House at 2434 E Hastings St., Vancouver BC

About two weeks before I reached Calgary I received a message that Mr. Kunkel wanted to sponsor my return airfare from Calgary to Vancouver. I was ecstatic because the one thing I hadn’t planned is how I would get back home after I reached Calgary.

I considered the bus, as well as hitchhiking, but neither option seemed great. The bus would be a challenge because it’s painful for me to sit for 14 hours straight due to my post-surgery knee. Hitchhiking has its own set of challenges. Flying was a distant option as I really needed to limit my spending – to complete my walk I took a two-month unpaid leave of absence from my work.

Thank you Mr. Kunkel, and all my sponsors and supporters!

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