Sense of Community on Canada Day

by bart on July 2, 2013

Grand Forks BC has earned a special place in my mind and heart. As I progress on my 1100 km walk I have passed through several towns. Many of them, such as Osoyoos, have a touristy feel, and everyone keeps to themselves. That’s not always a bad thing, yet I really wanted to experience a sense of community, and Grand Forks provided that and more.

I arrived in town around Sunday noon. Bought some groceries for lunch and dinner, and relaxed in the beautiful municipal park by the river, but not before admiring some historic looking houses in the town centre. Everyone I met seemed so relaxed.

On my way to the park I saw a notice board at the local Chamber of Commerce mentioning the Canada Day Parade the next day, July 1st, in the morning. What luck, I thought, I’ll attend. At the campground where I spent the night (right by the municipal park) I found out that there would be a pancake breakfast organized by the local Elks Club before the parade. Excellent, I thought, I’ll join in as well. Great opportunity to meet and talk with locals. And that’s when I really began to experience the community spirit.

While waiting in line for the breakfast I spoke with a few people. They asked me about what I was doing, and when I told them, a kind couple, Jen and Andy, not only bought me breakfast, but also introduced me to several other people who had interesting stories of their own. I had been in town not even a day and I already felt part of the community.

After breakfast I headed over to the Canada Day market, parade, and celebrations, where I met and talked with Mayor Brian Taylor. He gave me one of the first official Grand Forks T-shirts, which I immediately put on.

I was then interviewed by an independent reporter, and met many other local small business people. I was really amazed and pleased by the level of local entrepreneurship, all the while with community in mind.

I didn’t want to leave, but I still have several hundred kilometers ahead of me before I reach Calgary.

The photo is with Grand Forks Mayor Brian Taylor (hat).

Here are the links to a couple of interesting local businesses I discovered:

Adventure Travel Guide for the Historic Kettle Valley and other BC Rail Trails

Edible Strategies Enterprises Ltd. (K9Kanna industrial hemp grain based dog food)
Tel. 250-442-0788

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walter and jodi July 9, 2013 at 6:25 am

hey bart keep going strong we where just sitting here tonight thinking of you so we thought we would leave you a message of encouragement and goodwill and God be with you Sincerely Walt and Jodi Grand Forks B.C


bart July 10, 2013 at 11:31 pm

Thanks Walt and Jodi, I always appreciate words of encouragement!


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