To Act or to Outlaw?

by bart on June 4, 2013

New York's Summer of Gun Violence Is Off to a Chicago-Style Start

New York’s Summer of Gun Violence Is Off to a Chicago-Style Start

When I launched the iforCommunity Project, to walk 1100 km to raise money for neglected and disadvantaged kids, I did so because I was tired of hearing people call on governments to establish laws to make bullying and guns illegal following the Newtown CT (Sandy Hook) shootings, and not actually DOING anything on the community level.

When I say that what we need is action at the community level, not legislation at the national level, some people do not agree with me.

What happens when something is made illegal? People continue to do it anyway. Imagine telling a teenage boy that bullying is illegal. He’d probably do it more!

Guns are banned in Chicago, yet it has the highest gun death rate in the US, and is on track to set another national record for gun-related deaths this year.

New York is one of the only states to pass major gun control laws since the Newtown CT school shootings, yet over the past weekend 25 people were shot over a 48 hour period. This includes an 11 year old girl who is now paralyzed.

Check out the full story in The Atlantic Wire here.

Join me in DOING something for our communities by sharing this post with your friends, and by donating to the Children’s Aid Foundation here.

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