Two Weeks Since I Left Hope BC

by bart on June 30, 2013

Just arrived in Grand Forks BC on my 1100 km walk to Calgary. Today is exactly two weeks since I left from Hope BC.

It has been a wild and crazy walk so far. From days where I was soaked while walking through the rain, and nights sleeping in a damp sleeping bag in a wet tent in single digit temperatures (C), to beautiful, clear mornings and sunny, 30+ degree (C) days.

From pushing my gear cart up 1300+ m summits for up to a whole day, to not having to push the cart at all while walking downhill all day.

From city workers in Osoyoos BC thinking I was some homeless guy loitering in the park, to receiving hugs, food, and money from strangers just outside of Grand Forks BC, after telling them what I’m doing and why.

From feeling depressed and demotivated while pressing on during seemingly endless days and nights of rain, to feeling happy and determined after meeting kind strangers who stopped on the road while I was walking, or approached me in parks where I was preparing a meal.

Some statistics so far:

Distance walked: 375 km
Total days: 14
Walking days: 13
Resting days: 1
Days with rain: 9
Money spent on lodging: $0
Money spent on meals & groceries: $90 (approx)

The photo is of Grand Forks BC, in Boundary Country, Canada, as I walked from the west.

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walter and jodi July 3, 2013 at 8:34 pm

its great to here bart your still carrying on let hope and a spirital strength be with you on your travels you will succeed i know you will meet your goal the jerky was awsome thank you


bart July 4, 2013 at 1:32 am

Great to hear from you Walter & Jodi! I spent the night at Phoenix Rd as you suggested. Thought of you while in Grand Forks. Glad you liked the jerky. I finished the food you gave me while waiting out the storm at the rest stop – really appreciate your kindness.


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