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by bart on September 29, 2013

Sliver of light in the rain

Sliver of light in the rain

During my 1100 km walk from Hope BC to Calgary AB to raise money for the Children’s Aid Foundation I experienced many emotional and physical setbacks. I don’t know if I would have continued and finished my walk if it wasn’t for all the wonderful people that supported me on my way.

I want to share with you some of the messages I received that kept me going. I have edited them so they are easier to read. Here are the messages:

Wow, Bart you are amazing! What an undertaking and so altruistic. We have enjoyed reading your blogs and we are so impressed with your dedication to your cause! You are an inspiring young man and it is such an honor to be able to say we know you, have spent time with you and consider you a friend. I was telling Mom about your journey and she enjoyed some of your blogs when I was there to visit last week. Mom has had a rather significant stroke and is now in rehab. When she starts to feel she has “had enough”, we read your blogs and she is inspired once again! Thank you for that!
You are quite a guy… we wish you safe travels as you complete your journey and take care of your knee!
Much love, Carmen and Francis

Hello Bart,
As an 11 year-old child living in Vancouver, B.C., the Children’s Aid helped me when I desperately needed them. I only had to get myself to that phone booth, and ask for help. And, they didn’t stop after they’d gotten me to a safe place, they kept giving afterward. They are responsible for one of my most treasured memories in that city, riding a horse for the first time, and, on the beach no less!
They also got me to other events and summer camp, which I wouldn’t have attended otherwise. I went on to face a great deal more adversity in my life, and I believe their intervention continued to make a difference in me, and how I lived life.
So, Bart, I want to thank you again for what you’re doing. I’m also one who believes that we, as individuals can, and should, do far more to grow our communities … and what better way than “from the child up”. Buen viaje, mi amigo !
Blue’s friend @ Moyie

Just finished chemo round 7 of 8 and thinking of you! What I’m going through is a piece of cake compared to you. At least I can nap when exhausted. Looking forward to your next post as it tells me you are alive and well. Big hug!

Hello, Bart. It’s nice to see you smiling and looking well. When I read this, “Today I will be walking across the Continental Divide and into Alberta. The final leg of my journey.”, I got goosebumps and wanted to cheer out loud ! I want there to be a welcoming for you at every community, to “walk you in”. I think that there are many with you in spirit, not just when you arrive, but, as you walk through the miles between towns toward your goal. You’ve touched many lives along your way, and the raising of funds and awareness will touch many more lives through the Foundation. Safe travels my friend.
Blue’s friend @ Moyie.

In the evening, at the Bluebird Motel, I was outside assessing the lightning and thunder to see what was to come, when along comes Bart Zych. After chatting with him, it brightened my day (oops, evening) to hear about his incredible feat and the cause that he is walking for. This world needs more inspirational people like Bart. Keep it up Bart!

On behalf of the membership of Teamsters 155 and our staff, I would like to congratulate Bart on his personal accomplishment of completing an incredible journey and for his accomplishment and dedication in raising funds on behalf of the Children s Aid Foundation. I know that Bart’s father, a member of Teamsters Local Union 155 is very proud and justifiably so.

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