Backpack Carts, Shuffling, Shoes and Pubs

by bart on June 8, 2013

Over the past week I’ve been busy promoting the iforCommunity Project and testing my backpack cart.

The first test was last Sunday at the Centenarian Shuffle where I walked 10 km around Stanley Park in Vancouver. A long way from the 1100 km walk that I will be starting in a little over a week, but the cart performed well, and I’m confident in its construction.

Bart at the Centenarian Shuffle

Bart at the Centenarian Shuffle

On Thursday of this week Ceili’s Irish Pub in downtown Vancouver was so kind as to host a fundraiser in support of my 1100 km walk. It was great to experience the kindness of local businesses, and of course of all the people that came to show their support. Thank you everyone!
Bart at Fundraiser Hosted by Ceili's Irish Pub

Bart at Fundraiser Hosted by Ceili’s Irish Pub

Towards the end of the Ceili’s Fundraiser my Vancouver Foot Solutions sponsors dropped by with a new set of Joya shoes for me! What a great surprise! I’m sure that some of the pub patrons were wondering about us sitting in a corner and trying on shoes.
Bart trying on his new Joya shoes

Bart trying on his new Joya shoes

A very busy but productive week. Only 8 days left until my departure!

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