Straight Road to Nanton AB

by bart on July 27, 2013

20130727-074906.jpgAfter a much needed rest at the Bluebird Motel in Claresholm AB I set out in the morning towards Nanton. It was only 30 km. I say ‘only’ because the past couple of days I walked 40 km each day.

I think that pushing myself to walk such distances every day is beginning to have an effect on me physically. In fact, I don’t remember taking a day off since I was in Cranbrook BC, what seems to me like an eternity ago.

The walk to Nanton along Hwy 2 was not that pleasant. The hwy is almost completely straight with fields on both sides. I could see the village about 15 km in front of me. The upside is that I could also see any incoming thunderstorms nearly always from the west. Lucky for me none came, even though it was cloudy all day.

Around noon the news reporter who interviewd me the previous day for the Claresholm paper caught up with me to take a few photos of me on the road. Good timing as I had just stopped to have something to eat from my leftovers.

Just a couple of kilometrrs outside of Nanton I noticed the right tire of my backpack cart was losing air.

My right foot and shin tendons were also starting to complain.

I pumped up the tire with my little bike pump, and slowed my pace so as not to aggrevate my leg any further.

In Nanton I got some things to eat at the local grocery store and headed for the local campground. It was packed as there was a junior rodeo coming up. I was amused by the sign at the entrance which read “No Horses in the Campground”.

Since no one was managing the campground, I went in, found a space on the grass and set up my tent.

I was hesitant to camp there as the creek was called Mosquito Creek. The last thing I needed was more mosquitos. Ironically this was one of the only places without any mosquitos.

I spent the evening eating, resting and watching kids and teens practicing lassoing a small bull made of tubes.

The next morning I was interviewed by the editor of the Nanton paper, a very pleasant woman. She gave me a lot of advice and info about High River, my next destination.

After the interview I noticed that the tire on my cart was even flatter. Lucky for me the library across the street was open. I took off the wheel, removed the tire and took the inner tube into the library washroom to submerge it in water in the sink to find the puncture, the second one on my walk. I found it, and patched it with the kit I have. I used the library’s wifi while the glue on the patch dried, and then headed off to High River, another 30 km.

Little did I know of the challenges awaiting me there.

Photo above is of Nanton’s main street though town – Hwy 2 north.

Photo below is of some junior rodeo participants practicing their lasso skills on a ‘tubular bull’.

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